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Whether you're a baby boomer or not, this website is designed to make you your own travel expert! This is a true do-it-yourself site.  Not only is it designed to make you a savvier, smarter traveler, but we provide several of the finest booking sites, offering  every sort of discount travel you can possibly desire.   Sites like Expedia  are almost unbeatable, and we offer incredible Expedia last minute travel discounts.  But we also offer a few other top sites we've discovered to expedite convenient and reasonable travel worldwide! (Check link also on Articles page) We care that your travel experience is the best possible at the best prices. Check out this user friendly travel site by clicking the banners on the site, depending upon your particular need!

We care enough about baby boomers and busters to build the super helpful, practical website you're surfing right now.  If you're a baby boomer, retirement is not far away!  Most baby boomers are computer literate and very familiar with using the Internet.  And you will be traveling in mass numbers.  Add more leisure time to the desire to see the world, and it is obvious that you and about 86,000,000 other boomers will be  booking online travel every day.  Within a few short years, it is expected that up to 95% of all travel will be booked online. In fact, you've probably already booked some sort of travel package from the convenience of home or office

Using the Internet to shop, to learn, and to communicate has changed the way people think.  When it comes to planning travel, with a click of a mouse the traveler can search for the best deals, look at cruise lines, lodging and rental car options.  It is possible to visit any city, country, region or attraction in the world.  Using satellite technology, one can scan from above, following rivers or forests, finding the location of places of interest all over the world, and learning about the many travel options.  Discover modes of travel by air, sea and land that you may have never imagined

Further, you can take virtual tours of hotel rooms, resort accommodations and amenities, and choose locations close to all the activities you desire while on vacation.  Or mix business with pleasure by checking out fun places you can visit while doing business or attending a convention.  You can check out golf resorts, cruise lines, hiking vacations, special interest vacations or even volunteer opportunities.  Literally, the entire world is open for exploration through this getaway site.

For trips abroad, the internet allows potential visitors opportunities to learn in advance about the countries they wish to visit and how to find the packages they want or create their own travel itinerary.  Travel brochures can be ordered that include tourist information and even maps.  This site  offers all the articles, travel tips, and links you need to make travel plans in minute detail. Planning your activities and doing research ahead of a planned trip can be one of the most satisfying parts---the anticipation is fun.

To turn travel dreams into reality, the explorer will need to find a comprehensive online travel website.  Choose this website.  Look for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the baby boomer website where many common questions about travel are answered.  From honeymooners seeking romance, to seniors visiting the places they have always dreamed of, to business travelers watching the bottom line, to families planning reunions, to those seeking to learn more about a hobby or vocation---this site c an be a vital link to a successful travel experience.

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