Top Travel Trends: 2010

Top Travel Trends: 2010


As you would imagine, the next twelve months promise significant change in the travel industry and will affect entire economy.

Travel Trend 1: Going Mobile:   With the rapid integration of mobile capabilities to plan itineraries, track flights, receive travel alerts and serve as a boarding pass is making mobile devices such as smartphones indispensible to business travelers, mobile is growing!

Trend 2: Traveler-Centric Buying:   The traveler-centric buying approach has the potential to enhance productivity by keeping travel employees informed about a guest’s plans pre-trip – their profile, preferences, historical behavior---adding last minute possibilities to the travel equation.

Trend 3: Video Conferencing: Traveling Without The Trip:   The best way to control travel costs in a downturn is to simply cancel the trip altogether and use  new super quality video conferencing tools as a practical alternative to business travel. Video-conferencing will be the lead trend in 2010.

Trend 4. Traveling on a budget:   It’s time to look beyond what seems like a good rate, and seek out options - like free nights on a multiple night stay, gift cards, spa credits, complimentary dining, and more.

Trend 5. Traveling on a serious budget
Expect a lot from this suddenly relevant trend – call it traveling on pennies and expect it to include totally no frills hotels, flights, etc. - in 2010.

Travel Trend 6. Whole Body Scanners: Get ready to show your stuff. Travelers will soon find that checking through security will be a revealing experience with the rollout of whole body image scanners that can see beneath clothing.

Travel Trend 7. China, India and Gulf States are the new hotspots: Global travelers are going beyond Europe with their travels, and expanding their horizons. Industry insiders are expecting travel to skyrocket in China, India, and The Gulf States over the next twelve months. These parts of the world are offering incredible packages.

Tend 8. Luxury And Adventure Travel :  For 2010, the jetset aren’t just populating 5-star hotels anymore. Now they arrange travel packages that will have them jumping out of helicopters, jetting to top ski slopes, taking safaris, getting high-speed car tours around major cities, arranging personalized art tours, and more exotics.

Trend 9. Eco-travel: Arrange a trip that will have you flying on a fuel-efficient plane to a self-sustaining villa running on solar power and green technology. It’s a growing industry, so if you want to spend a little extra cash and feel good about keeping the world clean, this is your travel mode of choice in 2010.

Trend 10. The 2010 Vancouver Olympics:  Not technically a trend, but the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is an event that will affect travel like an explosion. It will attract millions of travelers.