Venezuela: Plastic Surgery Heaven

Venezuela: Plastic Surgery Heaven


VENEZUELA'S afterglow from winning yet another Miss Universe crown has not only illuminated national pride in its Latin beauties - but also its women's widespread recourse to cosmetic surgery.

Surgical enhancement of the body has become such a norm in the South American nation that it has emerged as a top destination for “scalpel tourism” by foreigners looking for a lift or new contours at a cheaper price.

”There are patients who come from Colombia, the United States, Ecuador, the Caribbean islands... They have surgery and then spend a few days on vacation,” explained Rosi Oyon, head of a French subsidiary selling silicon breast implants.

The passing of the Miss Universe crown from one Venezuelan to another, from 2008 winner Dayana Mendoza to Stefania Fernandez a week ago, could spur an uptick in a plastic surgery sector already booming, several participants in the industry said.