Problems to Avoid


How to Avoid Food/Liquid Contamination While Traveling

Nothing can ruin a travel experience like getting sick from some food or beverage. Below are some vital tips to stay healthy.

1. If you are not sure that drinking water is clean, sterilize it by boiling (at high altitudes you may need to boil water for longer than usual in order to sterilize it properly), using a filtering system or sterilization tablets.

2.  Use bottled water if you can't ensure that drinking water is clean.

3.  Make sure that seals on bottled water are not broken.

4.  Avoid ice unless you are sure it is made from safe water.

5.  Eat freshly cooked food that has been thoroughly cooked and is still hot.

6.  Avoid uncooked food, unless you can peel or shell it yourself.

7.  Avoid food that may have been exposed to flies.

8.  Avoid ice cream from unreliable sources, such as kiosks.

9.  Avoid or boil unpasteurized milk.

10.  Be careful when eating shellfish - they may contain harmful bacteria.

Some Helpful Warnings

1. When at events or marketplaces, keep your wallet, jewelry, and purse secures. These are hotbeds for pickpockets and thieves.

2.  If you tend to become seasick on boats, ask for lodging near the middle of the liner, rather than either fore or aft.

3.  Don't accept items or even gifts from strangers before re-boarding a means of transport. Dangerous weapons or explosives can look like harmless toys or gadgets.

3.  Do not wear clothing or t-shirts with political slogans or biased lingo. In some countries, this can produce threats or even violence.

4.  This should be common knowledge but always wear sunscreen on sunny days, even on cloudy days in temperate climates. Breezes can deceive you by making you comfortable while your skin is burning to a crisp.

5.  Do not accept tour offers unless you know the individual belongs to a legitimate touring company. Groups have been lured to isolated areas where they are robbed or worse.

6. Never make jokes about fire or bombs aboard a means of public transportation. You might find yourself isolated or even arrested by authorities who are instructed to take even the mention of such a scare very seriously.